The road to health and fitness is littered with obstacles – your own mistakes

I want to make this brief and save you from another New Year of resolutions and enthusiasm to end in failure and disappointment. I have been studying the effects of fitness on health for 30 years and I believe we are making the same fundamental mistakes in our approach to getting healthy each and every time we try. It is not that the workout doesn’t get results or your trainer gave you bad advice or your bad shoulder has stopped you from going to the cross-fit gym recently. The two main reasons why we fail  to find a consistent routine that is good for us and that we stick with is because we are looking in the wrong places for our fitness solutions. We believe wrongly that we need  an hour to get a worthwhile session in to overcome so much excess and neglect. We also are trying to find time in the wrong part o our day to get this gargantuan fitness mountain climbed. both critical errors of thinking and strategy that will inevitable return those who find themselves again not exercising and continually suffering from various ailments linked to lack of activity and fitness therapy.

Let’s fix the first error. You only need 5 minutes of focused and deliberate exercise twice per day plus a bit of walking to get fit and healthy. Fixing the second problem of where the best place to do it is easy too. Move your exercise routine into the office or workplace and you will immediately lower your need for discipline and raise your frequency levels by taking 2 short five minute Fit Breaks to break up the morning and afternoon at work. Go ahead ask your boss. You won’t get sweaty so you won’t need to change or shower with these brief, focused sessions. You can do it with co-workers and get another level of support and motivation and when it is done, you won’t have the stress or guilt of not doing it in your small window of leisure and rest time. Everybody wins with this plan also. Your kids and spouse get more time with you and a healthier, happier person and your boss gets a refreshed and less stressed employee who takes less time than a smoke break to take a Fit Break. What boss in the world is going to deny you that.

So go ahead find a small space at work where you can start developing  your own Fitroom. It is easier and less expensive than you think. Ask your boss to look into installing a Fitroom with its easy to schedule app. If not do it yourself with your co-workers. Set your alarm every day to remind you and get up and do it. You will feel so much better and you can be confident that you have overcome the constant mistakes made by all world-be fitness newbies. Make it quick, make it effective and do it at work!

It’s easier than you think to get in shape with the Fitroom, you can even get paid to do it.

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