The Power Of The Minimum Effective Dose

Good morning my Fitroom friends! I wanted to share with you an observation I had recently about people and the amount of exercise they do. First of all it is staggering how many people don’t do any exercise at all. It is actually quite easy to get through a day without really lifting much of a finger and heaven forbid we do anything that gets us out of breath if we can get a machine or someone else to do it for us.

Then there is the “workout” crowd and their cross-fit programs, bodybuilders, triathletes, Orange Theory enthusiasts and general weekend warriors. This is a very different crowd. These folks have a tendency to push themselves past what is actually good for them. Their quest is to gain from their pain and they don’t believe one comes without the other. They care less about the benefits and being energetic and pain free and more about lifting more, beating their workout partners or beating themselves (maybe they think they deserve a daily beating I wonder).

So my thought was, “How many people actually do the right amount of exercise, the right type of exercise and even more important, doing exercise the right way so that it can be therapeutic and not damaging. It’s really odd to me in the 21st century that we still haven’t grasped the healing qualities of exercise (mental as well as physical), and made it a part of the accepted every day healthy lifestyle. We talk a lot about a healthy lifestyle but most of us don’t really get that close. Our old demons, overwhelming obligations, lack of education or basic lack of self care constantly get in the way of harnessing the the incredible power of nature in the conditioned body.

We can add to this misunderstanding the way we approach diet. We think a healthy diet is full of greens and fiber and free of taste and joy. Why does it have to be so extreme? here is the balance?

A solution I have found to this overwhelming societal misconception about how much of a good thing is needed and actually good for us, is to look at it from the “minimum effective dose.”

How about if you are thinking about getting back in shape or trying to modify your diet and lifestyle at all, you start with the minimum effective dose that will get you started on the right track and feeling better. The minimum approach is not just a compromise, it is superior in many ways. It keeps you fresh mentally, yields results from less effort, you never get exhausted from it, fits in with any schedule and you get to actually enjoy in and appreciate what it is doing for you, rather than dreading it and wishing it were over.

Try the minimum dose sometime. We practice it here at Fitroom Express and we believe it is a recipe for long term results and sustainability. After all, if it is not good for and and not sustainable then what good is it really?

It’s easier than you think at the Fitroom.

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