The Perfect Diet

Good morning my lovely Fitroom friends and we get closer to our date of re-opening to the public at our beautiful downtown St Pete Fitroom Express. And as we get ready to unveil our best and most effective exercise and nutrition programs I would like to talk about the perfect diet and the perfect workout plan. I am not talking about Michael Phelps’ 6 hour per day pre-Olympic training regime or the reigning Miss World’s strict 1400 calorie microbiotic nutritional masterpiece. These might be the latest scientific breakthroughs in each discipline but they are far from perfect, especially for you. To me the perfect diet and exercise routine is the one that gives you what you need and the one that you will actually do consistently and not just talk about doing.
You see the most common mistake I see people make is that they get started with these routines that may look good on paper and have been touted by this celebrity or that athlete but they are just not realistic for the average person with a busy schedule and limited energy. We may be gung-ho today as we try to undo a year or more of unhealthy living with a few weeks of military-style boot camp lifestyle overhauling but this isn’t going to go well long term I can promise you that.
Instead let’s take the approach that the perfect diet or exercise routine is one that we will be consistent with. Even if there are compromises that need to be made, quicker sessions that are less arduous to begin with but will gradually increase in intensity as your fitness increases. Or it’s the addition of the superfood shake that takes the place of a missed breakfast and cutting wheat, sugar and alcohol out your weekly diet and treating yourself at weekends. It is these kind of small additions to our activity levels and relatively minor nutritional improvements that are actually perfect for where you are currently because they are putting you on the path to long term success without putting you under too much pressure.
So don’t be so seduced by the latest fad routine because so and so said it was great. Make a few small additions and subtractions that improve where you are currently and establish routine and habit. This is the recipe for long term success and therefore the perfect option for now. Try the new Fit5Vitality System here at Fitroom Express. It is a 5 day a week gradual build up to ideal activity and nutrition levels wit an emphasis on gradual. The goal is to re-insert the foundational health needs like proper hydration, quality sleep, increased activity, regular corrective exercise and adequate nutrients into your daily routine. This is the perfect scenario not some fly-by-night fad diet that will be a flash in the pan.
This is Pete Chapman saying “It’s quicker and easier than you think to get in shape at the Fitroom but be consistent in your efforts.”