The key to health lies in the condition of your muscles

TGIM! Good Morning my Fitroom friends and welcome to another week! It’s what you make of it of course so let’s make it great and get some progress going this week. What will you be working on this week to improve your health and quality of life?

Today’s message comes from your muscles. They want to remind you that they are the key to your health and vitality. When it comes to our health we think mostly about our heart, our digestive system and sometimes we consider or bones and joints because we get pain and we get all bent out of shape and need an adjustment from time to time. Again this is down to muscles being out of condition and out of balance, pulling on our bones and joints and causing bad posture and poor alignment.

When we have fatigue it is probably because our heart muscles are weak and we are not pumping enough oxygen to our cells around the body. Our heart is one big pump made of muscle tissue. When we gain weight and have a slow metabolism, yes you guessed it, this occurs because our muscles are not being pumped enough or fed well enough with nutrients to function properly and keep a healthy metabolism. When our eyes begin to fail us, this can often be due to the deconditioning of eye muscles because of sitting too close for too long staring at computer screens. You can recondition your eye muscles just like any others and improve your vision accordingly.

So next time you think there is something seriously wrong with you or you think health and fitness is complicated, simply think about reconditioning your muscles. It’s quicker and easier than you think, especially with our 5 minute Fit Breaks. If you want to be pain free, get stronger and longer muscles and balance your posture. If you want more energy, build up your heart muscles with high intensity cardio intervals like the ones in our Level 1+ or Level 2 workout series. If you want to lose weight, then pump those muscles a few seconds each day to raise that metabolism and keep a powerful demand going from the “engine room” of muscle cells constantly burning what you are eating.

This is not rocket science folks. We have had muscles since we first emerged on the planet. We are very muscular and explosive creatures and we must respect the fact that we are full of muscles. Just because we use technology to make our lives easier and we work so much with technology these days doesn’t mean we can get away with not working our muscles regularly. Most of our health conditions come from poorly conditioned and balanced muscles and it is not getting nearly enough attention from the medical community today.

However advanced we get with technology we will ALWAYS need to condition and balance our musculature if we are going to be energetic, pain free, have good posture and be confident that we can always fight or flee, dance or climb depending on what the situation requires. The more control and conditioning we lose from our incredibly important musculature, the further we get away from our basic nature and the more weird health conditions arise that need treatment. Get strong, get flexible, get energized and get your health back to where it should be. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or pro athlete but you do need to take care of those muscles. It’s not shallow after all, it makes healthy common sense. Be independently healthy.

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