Roll out those knots and say goodbye to much of your pain

Hey there folks I wanted to share with you a reminder of a sometimes forgotten part of this program and an underappreciated form of pain management and injury correction – the Tension Release routine. Not a day goes by that I am on not my foam roller or medicine ball rolling out the knots in my quads, or lower back, shoulders, hips, even chest. That’s why I can say with relief and pride I am more pain free now than when I was in my early 20’s.

So many of us have aches and pains, stiffness and limited movement because our muscles are out of condition and causing too much tension and imbalance with our posture. This “Postural Distortion” is the forgotten villain in so many conditions like sciatica, carpal tunnel, migraines, back ache, even digestive conditions.

I have figured out over time that with the right movements compiled in a crazy quick 5 minute routine is all you need but you must be consistent with it, doing at least 3 sessions of this a day or ideally, daily sessions. It doesn’t take long and works right away.

Within the instructional videos in this program you have a 5 minute Yoga and Stretch and Balance routine to help with initial posture and flexibility. May I suggest taking a closer look at the Tension Release routine and if you haven’t already got one at home, get yourself a foam roller or medicine ball to roll out those pesky knots. A little daily rolling and regular stretching and posture balancing, you will be amazed how you feel and you will probable even gain a little height back as a result.

This just another example of how it’s easier than you think to be fit and healthy.

P.S. Drink plenty of water because another major cause of muscular and joint stiffness is chronic dehydration which many more people have than they realize.


Pete Chapman – Fit5 Guy

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