We at Fitroom Express would like you to join us in our campaign to help fight chronic preventable disease.

The “Posture Up” campaign is our endeavor to spread awareness of the negative effects that come with prolonged sitting and poor posture. For many Americans, a desk job is all too familiar, long hours spent seated in a chair, in front of computers, filing paperwork, answering phones. Even home life doesn’t deviate too far from the chair. What most of us don’t understand is, a lot of the chronic pain, discomfort, and health problems we experience are derived from all that sitting.

Common Chronic Problems

Heart Disease
Diabetes (Type2)
Back & Neck Pain
Anxiety & Depression
Mental Health Issues
Muscle Degeneration

How Prolonged Sitting & Poor Posture Negatively Effect Our Health


If you work a desk job you know how easy it is to let your neck and shoulders slouch over your chest and abdomen. Nonetheless, it is essential that you try your best to keep your back straight. Sitting in a slouched position compresses your abdominal organs, including your digestive tract. Over time, this can really affect your metabolism and ability to process food correctly.


When poor posture causes changes in the spine alignment, it can also lead to blood vessel constriction, which in turn affects nutrient and oxygen supply and can result in blood clots and deep vein thrombosis.  All of these side effects can greatly increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease if the misalignment goes untreated.


One of the most common effects of bad posture is chronic back pain, usually because of disc degeneration, or simply from the excess pressure being suffered by the spine. Disc degeneration occurs when the disks between the vertebrae thin out and lose their cushioning.


Poor posture is caused by certain muscles becoming weaker and other muscles becoming tighter than they should. This muscular imbalance and de-conditioning due to lack of mobility, another cause of metabolic disorders.


As the spine and other bones change their position due to the long-term effects of bad posture, the skeletal system begins to come into contact with surrounding nerves and “pinch” them. These pinched nerves can cause neck and back pain, but they can also cause pain in seemingly unrelated areas of the body.

Introducing The Posture Station™

The Posture Station is a simple to use, wall mounted fixture. Designed for the sole purpose of making daily stretching routines quick, comfortable, and easy. Accompanied with two very powerful, 5 minute routines, the Posture Station delivers the most efficient full body stretch, providing relief to stiff areas of the body. The provided routines, have been designed to restore muscular balance and spine alignment, resulting in pain relief and improved posture.