Nutrition – Know Your Macro Ratio

This week I want to really focus on nutrition. Inside our extensive coaching app “Fitroom Life” we have a wonderful nutrition planning and journaling tool which gives you great feedback as to how you are doing with the balance of macro nutrients and their relative caloric value. Your goal during the week should be to keep your sugars and carbohydrates low to compensate for the inevitable increase in these foods and drinks over the weekend. You can think of it as a kind of sugar detox and it is so important for your weight control and overall health. But do you really know how many of your calories are coming from fat, protein or carbohydrates? This is important if you want your nutrition plan to be healthy but also to get you stronger and leaner.

Let’s take the time this week to set up you up with your nutrition plan (see page 13 of your journal) properly within Fitroom Life so that you have a framework of 40% protein, 30% carbs and 30% fats. When you log your food into this app, once you have set your goals and desired macro ratio, you will see how your intake falls into these parameters and gives you invaluable feedback as to how close you are to your goal of balance with these 3 sources of calories and nutrients.

You might be really surprised that the things you are eating are way higher in sugars, fats and carbs than you thought. This will give you the feedback you need to make adjustments. If you do your Vitality Blaster for breakfast, have a nice chicken salad for lunch, a boiled egg and humus for a snack and then a dinner of say steak, veggies and black beans for dinner, you should be close to your desired balance.

If however you broke down and had a cookie after a large sandwich for lunch and maybe a little ice cream after a dinner which had pasta in it, you are going to find your carbs and sugars much higher than you would like and this makes it very difficult to not only lose weight but to also keep down inflammation and some of the symptoms you may be suffering from with regard to one of the many auto immune diseases so many people suffer from these days.

So bite the bullet, set up your nutrition plan as it should be and be honest about what you are eating and drinking. This could be the education and feedback that will shed a great deal of light on your lack of progress in either weight loss, pain management and mood improvement because your nutritional fundamentals are off.

At the Fitroom we make it easy to understand how to take the best possible care yourself and your family. Come and see us if you need help with this.


Pete Chapman – Fit5 Guy

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