Monday Motivation – Overcoming Obstacles and Limitations

Monday Motivation

This is a new feature at Fitroom where I will share a story that affected and inspired me and hopefully will do the same for you.

For the first Monday motivation I was going to share the story of one Shaquem Griffin, a local lad who at the age of 4 had to have a hand amputated because of a birth defect and the daily pain that he was living with. His story is now being played across the country as Shaquem just set the fastest 40 time at the NFL combine and bench pressed 225lbs 20 times, literally with one hand. This is a truly inspiring story but it got me to thinking about the countless children that spend time in hospital that we don’t hear about. Children can often be so brave and hopeful, just watching them is inspiring to me to stay active, playful and not take life too seriously.

The point that strikes me about kids in hospital is that their illness and suffering often had nothing to do with them and is completely out of their control. Many of adult diseases and injuries are pure accidents also but sadly the majority of our disease conditions are chronic in nature and therefore lifestyle related. As adults we get sick or hurt and most of the time we have done it to ourselves. Our stress and inactivity may finally result in an “episode” that requires us to need medical help. Our eating habits may finally cause us to need some kind of surgery or to have to take powerful drugs for the rest of our lives. It’s crazy how many of our health problems are entirely preventable, yet it often requires that event to finally get us to act and make the necessary lifestyle changes.

As a fitness therapist I have seen fitness and nutrition completely change peoples lives because it restores their health. It is so simple, but it does require a degree of effort and therefore motivation. I can think of nothing better than a story like Shaquem and how he overcame pain and loss and realized his dream. I think of the kids laying in their hospital beds, often with little hope of recovery and how they would feel if they had a chance to restore their health with a few exercises and a small dietary change. Oh how they would jump at the chance and yet we allow workload or some kind of other demand or stress to get between us and a better level of health and quality of life.

Sometimes in life we need a kick in the pants or a good perspective shift. Think of how lucky you are to mostly have control over your own health. Every day is an opportunity to act on that gift by honoring your body and treating it properly. You deserve good health if you work toward it so take the steps today. If you don’t know what to do ask your local fitness professional or health coach or better still take our Fit5 Challenge. It’s made to be about as quick and simple as it could possibly be and asks you to take a couple of 5 minute Fit Breaks a day as you partake in life giving exercises and nutritional care. I’ll take a bet that those unfortunate enough to be in hospital right now would all think it such a very small price to pay to maximize their chances of avoiding ending up very sick or hurt and return to health.

There is much in life we cannot foresee. Potential mishap and misfortune lurk around each corner but we can build our defenses and strengthen our abilities to fight an illness or breakdown when it occurs. We must be unrelenting in our quest for health. It should always be our top priority. You have to do it sooner or later. Doing it sooner ensure a whole lot less pain and loss.

See you in the Fitroom!

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