Monday Motivation – Redemption and Determination

 TGIM! Fantastic weekend in the Tampa Bay area, hope you got to enjoy some of it. Upcoming this week news of a new Fit5 Challenge scoring and reporting software that will make recording your daily health activities so much easier and fun.

Firth though let’s start the week off with a little Monday Motivation. It’s another story from the world of sports but it involves the kind of redemption story that we all love. Yesterday at the beautiful and very difficult Innisbrook, Copperhead course in Palm Harbor Florida, one Tiger Woods confirmed he was not only back at the top of the leader board but also fully recovered from back fusion surgery, public humiliation, messy divorce, drug problems and a loss of his professional skills.
Watching Tiger on Sunday after a wonderful time at my sons 8th birthday party again reinforced to me that everybody has setbacks, some of them more serious and destructive than others, but always a great test of our inner strength and belief that we can recover and go on to improve and progress in life. It reinforced how determined you need to be to be healthy and happy.

It looked to me like this was a different Tiger Woods, a little more appreciative of his talents and opportunities in life, a little more humble and engaged with people. Tiger looked like he had learned a lot of painful lessons but had got his mojo back and was ready to be great again. What a sight and what an inspiration.
None of us can fairly expect anyone else to pick us up and set us right back on to the road to success. Hopefully we get the support when we find ourselves fallen and in need but only through hard work, belief, good guidance and quality, consistent effort can you fully expect to recover from the inevitable pain, loss and challenges that life throws your way.
It’s not just the rich and talented that has this ability, we all do. We all have that Spirit inside of us, that Life Force that is determined to fulfill It’s greatest purpose. Some just try a little harder and believe a little more in what they can do. If this isn’t natural for you, don’t worry you can learn.

Come to the Fitroom and we will show you the quickest and easiest way to bounce back from injury and set back and restore what is rightly yours – your health, vitality and the full availability of talents and virtues.

-Fitness Philosopher

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