Making getting your daily nutrients easy

TGIM! Hello my Fitroom friends, hope you’re getting in the holiday spirit. I’m going to try that starting tomorrow when we finally put a tree up. Anyway healthy eating probably isn’t on your mind right now so that inspired me to remind you I made you an easy option. So here it is.

Healing yourself with nutrition is not only a huge part of any attempt to improve health and fitness, it can be easier and tastier than many people think. We have all been in “healthfood hell” grinding away at a plate of kale or sweating over a plate of broccoli that you put on your plate with all good intentions but now you’ve actually got to eat it. Eating healthy is a minefield and made even harder sometimes by health professionals that expect us to eat like rabbits and drink lizard juice for days to cleanse out too much of “the good life” that has accumulated in and around our middle.

It doesn’t have to be like that. There are little things in nature callled superfoods and they can do amazing things in small quantities but many people may have had a bad experience of them. The most powerful nutrients known to man can often be quite unappetizing and bitter especially to someone whop struggles to stay away from junk food, sugar, eating out and big meals. However having discovered that a superfood cocktail combining powerful. yet sweeter berry superfoods such as pomegranate, acai, mangosteen, papaya, agave inulin, camu camu, loa han, goji, noni, and amla can be tremendously healing but also take some of the “greenness” out of the awesome green superfoods like alfalfa, chlorella, spirulina, bladderwrack, sea buckthorn and  others. So when I put all this together with the wonderfully smooth pea protein and lashings of coconut milk powder, what I ended up with is an unparalleled line up of natures healing “vigilantes” but what I was most excited is that it actually tasted good and therefore made it easier for myself, my family and my clients to become a staple part of our daily diets. This made all the difference for me especially as I was getting incredibly busy with Fitroom and had much less time to pay attention to my nutrition. I also didn’t have to be as disciplined and could get away with relatively (for me) bad days of eating and still feel great and bounce back back from stress and overworking sometimes. It became a real life saver and many in my family who had never been disciplined when it came to eating finally got on a regime they could live with by making breakfast smoothies that they felt were tasty enough to keep repeating. We had found something special because this is so hard to do.

Vitality Blaster was deliberately left without flavorings so that anyone could add what they wanted to “get it down” every day. The great thing about it is it taasted great on its own but it’s relatively nuetral flavor lends itself to smoothie recipes really well and you don’t need to add much at all. Personally my wife and I go with half a banana and I sometimes add almond milk to mine. I want to invite you do find your special mix. Take virtually any smoothie recipe and find the one that works for you and doesn’t add a bunch of sugar and junk. There are so many ways to make your Vitality Blaster totally delicious with things like frozen berries, bananas, vanilla essence,frozen yogurt or cacao powder. So don’t get stuck in a rut, get your Vitality Blaster and experiment with your smoothies. Either way those incredibly powerful healing nutrients need to find a way into your body, it might as well be a pleasant experience you want to repeat. Just like finding a way to get a great workout quick and conveniently with minimum discomfort. We can talk about that another time but for now let’s step up your nutrition game and get on a smoothie roll.

It’s easier than you think to get fit and healthy.

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