Make your exercise therapeutic not a form of punishment

It’s funny to me as a society how we view exercise. It’s the same with diet also – we can often see these health necessities more as a source of discomfort and difficulty than what they should be – restorative and revitalizing. By viewing exercise in a negative light two important things happen as a consequence. First we want to avoid it, finding that “we just don’t have time to do it.” Yes it’s certainly odd that we find time to play a mindless game on our computers (more sitting in front of computers), watching T.V., shopping, getting our nails done etc. but we don’t have 10 minutes or so to do a little stretching, taking a brisk walk, do some yoga or pilates that would certainly energize us and take that  some of the creases we put in ourselves throughout the day. Secondly we don’t see exercise or nutrition as the revitalizing powerhouse activity that it really is.

Exercise really is the major answer to your pain, the pain you have right now can probably be significantly eased or even eliminated by appropriate corrective exercise. The weight gain that has been steadily going on the last few years would stop and reverse if you just did a little brief, intense exercise frequently and in short burst so as not to tire you, only stimulate you. The poor posture that has taken you from a tall and statuesque figure of a 5’8″ woman to a hunched over migraine suffering 5’6″ pill popper could be reversed in less than a couple of months if you just took a few minutes a couple of times a day to strengthen the weak areas and lengthen the tight areas of your poor body. It’s not rocket science folks, it’s nature, our nature as humans. We were not built to sit all day and work. We were built to be physical, to move, to leap, to react, to be able to handle our load, be independant.

Exercise is not a punishment any more than it is to be avoided. It is a life saving and sustaining necessity. So is nutrition of course but that is another story. I have often wondered why the human animal would let themselves become so dependent on medicine and mobility aids when life has become so safe and convenient and well easy. Exercise has gone from a workday task when we were in fields, and down mines and up trees. We had to move and lift and reach. We exercised every day. We burnt off the calories we took in. We had to be strong enough. So now we try to exercise and make up for all the sitting and go and kill ourselves because we are trying to make it all up in one session. We follow people and programs that are not meant for someone of your condition but for those in excellent condition. This type of exercise will end poorly most of the time, not yielding the results and relief that was promised.

We need to go back to viewing and practicing exercise like it is the miracle that it can be and use it as a healing agent, a vital developmental tool and never give up trying to maintain a well tuned machine that is our body. When we begin to see exercise as necessary therapy kind of like flossing teeth. W might not like it but we must do it, an do it right for it to work. Dentists like to say, “Only floss the teeth you want to keep.” I say, “Only exercise if you want to be healthy.” Make it work for you not against you.

It’s easier than you think to get and stay healthy.

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