Make great health your Superbowl quest

Good morning my lovely Fitroom friends. It’s the day after the Super Bowl and instead of being hung over and dreading work today I feel exactly the opposite. First of all when I do have the occasional drink or two I make sure I drink plenty of water before during and afterwards. That helps how I feel the next day for sure but the real reason I am energized and inspired this morning because with all due respect to the great New England Patriots and their genius combinations of Bellicheck, Brady, Kraft, McDaniels and co., it was good to see the underdog walk away with the biggest prize possible. Overcoming adversity, believing in themselves, working tirelessly and beating a seemingly unbeatable opponent who never seems to lose when it really matters, this win was special and should inspire everyone to want to make a “Superbowl” run of their own toward a magnificent goal.

How about making your Superbowl Goal one of achieving great health and a freedom from pain, lethargy, dangerous risk factors, the need for drugs,never ending treatments and the costs associated with managing disease and injury. We all know it takes consistent, quality effort and focus to achieve great things. We often shy away from the quest because of the perceived enormity of the task. We get distracted and defeated even after strong beginnings and early success because one of the demands of a quest of this nature and magnitude is that you must be able to overcome disappointment and adversity if you are able to stay the course and ultimately reach the prize. You think each player and coach on the winning Philadelphia Eagles team didn’t have low points in their quest? You don’t think they often felt like the task was beyond them or began to lose faith and confidence after a loss or two? Of course they did because they are human beings and that is what humans go through on their way towards great accomplishments. It’s the way they bounce back, get back on track and shrug off the losses, learn and move forward. It’s why we all need coaching from time to time to maintain our focus and positive energy.

The road to success is just like the great cliche’ of “one step at a time”. Each step must be purposeful and with a quality game plan, clearly defined daily tasks and intentions, with enough perseverence and desire to get you through the tough times. All great coaches put their players in positions to win by laying out the steps for the players to take. They are the “architects of success”. You are the player in your own game, the game of mastering health and well-being. If you feel like you have the desire and tenacity but need a little coaching, come and see us at Fitroom and we will act as co-architects of success with you and help you build a winning culture. If you have a winning game plan already, great. Lay it out, break each step down into easily manageable daily tasks and tick them off one at a time as you make sure you don’t get too far ahead of yourself. For now here is the best coaching tip I can give you to help you on your road to success and this is a message I hear all the great coaches mention in their talks. “Focus on the process not the goal itself”. A constant dwelling on the prize always leads to distractions from tripping over obstacles in your path. Instead keep your head down, grind, taking each step as seriously as the next. If one is missed or a set back occurs get right back to the next small task that is on your “path.” The road is certainly not easy but it becomes a lot easier when the right steps are taken and the process is respected and valued. Success is waiting for you down this road. The Superbowl is over for another year but here is your opportunity to set out on your quest to being a champion in health and life. Give yourself a year and believe in yourself. Just like the Eagles did!

It’s easier than you think to reach your health and fitness goals at the Fitroom.

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