Keeping The Dream Alive

TGIM! And England are headed to the World Cup semi finals!!! It’s hard to believe for a long suffering England soccer fan, especially when it comes to big competitions like the World Cup as England have a terrible history of failure and crushed dreams when it mattered most, so much potential, yet so little reward.

This is my motivational Monday folks, finally believing the dream may becoming real. It makes you realize how many dreams we have and had that have become lost, pushed to the back burner, relegated to that of fairy tale. And yet we cheer those whose dream is alive, close at hand. We exhort them to push a little harder, try something new and to never give up. We should look at ourselves and try to revive our own dreams.

Why do we lose grip of our dreams anyway? We compromise, we make do with less, we listen to those who say we can’t and we believe them. We get a “proper” job instead of started our dream business or bringing to life a work of art or piece of writing. We give up on being truly in love because we got our heart broken. Our dream of having a washboard stomach or defined legs maybe gone forever since we discovered those new cakes from the bakery down the road. So many distractions, so many ways to get off track.

Certainly our dreams must have some element of reality to them if we are to make the steady progress towards achieving them. We must have a game plan and we must be consistent. If we get off track, it’s probably because we forgot all the burning reasons for starting the path in the first place. We get out of our good habits and slowly get lazy. We lose confidence as we accomplish less and procrastinate more. You know the saying, “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” This is the real cause of our lost dreams, we lost consistency.

It’s time we got our consistency back and brought the dream alive again. Consistency comes from having a plan, placing realistic goals/ tasks throughout the day and setting reminders to get them done. The dream isn’t moving away from you, it is there waiting for you to get your act together. Just like the England team have proven, have a plan, trust in the plan, slowly work toward it with patience and courage and something that was just a speck on the horizon, get’s closer with each passing day that you stick with your plan.

What are your dreams that you let slip through your fingers? Is it too late to pick it back up? Is it too late to find the spirit to pursue it again? Maybe you need a new one, either way today could be that day you resurrect a dream and bring it alive. Life should not be about cheering everybody else all the time. It is about making the most of our opportunity to live our purpose and realize our greatest expression. It could all be over soon so don’t wait. It could be closer than you think.

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