image006Creating your own Fitroom is so easy. You don’t even need a room. Approximately 50sq ft is all you need. With the space saving innovation of the Core Flex wall system, flexibility, core training, strengthening and even cardio training has never been easier to do. Add in the Core Flex bench, FitPoles, resistance bands, a CoreStaff, a foam roller and the amazingly efficient Fitroom Express training system, 15 minutes a day and a corner of a room is all you need to get in the best overall fitness of your life.

These unique, yet simple tools are easy and safe to use and offer a wide variety of exercises covering all the main modalities of fitness namely; Flexibility, Cardio, Core, Resistance, Balanced Posture and Mobility maximization.

We believe that there are 3 main aspects to a successful health and fitness program; proven Methods, well made, easy to use Equipment and knowledgeable, enthusiastic, compassionate Coaching. Alongside our Fitroom Express training system and equipment comes comprehensive coaching in the form of personal training and online video instruction, wall charts and accountability journals. Support and encouragement comes from our Fit room Life online coaching and social network where there is constant guidance, motivation, fun challenges, awards, peer interaction and even one to one life coaching for that extra push.

image004In little more than 1 hour per week you can get the best quality exercise and reclaim your health and fitness. This is what you have been looking for as you look to fit that all-important fitness into your busy life. This incredible package also costs much less than you would think. In traditional workout spaces you would need room for treadmills and weight machines, benches and balls and you would expect to spend over $5000.00 for something basic. With your own Fitroom you can get started with a corner of a room and all for under $895.00.

Basic package includes CoreFlex, CoreStaff, resistance bands, foam roller, Fitroom water bottle, Fitroom Journal including all wall charts and links to videos, one month subscription to Fitroom Life, stretching rope.