FitRoom Life

Your own Virtual Gym wellness portal

Fitroom Life is our unique online coaching system and data collection/reporting platform. We cannot always be with you to make sure that you are getting the best out of the program. With 100’s of workout videos, a nutrition planner, activity planner, challenges, reminders, community support, coaching, progress tracker, schedule for your company Fitroom, helpful tips and blogs you will always feel connected and motivated to stay committed to your goals.

Fitroom Life is your platform for success reaching goals as well as the long term support you are going to need. There is a phone app to keep you constantly connected.

FitRoom Life is our unique online coaching system and data collection/reporting platform

  • Schedule Express Sessions
  • Log Nutrition
  • Vast Video Workout Library
  • Connect With Friends And Co-Workers
  • Track Progress
  • Reach Goals And Receive Awards
  • Be Informed And Entertained With Great Blogs
  • Re-Order Your Nutrition
  • Challenge Friends