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The Fit5 Challenge

The Fit5 Challenge is the perfect way to try our program. 5 minutes of exercise at work plus a smoothie can get you in shape and help eliminate most illness and injury. Try it and #DOITATWORK. A gamified, competitive team building all encompassing fitness and overall wellness challenge where everybody wins – you and your company. An easy and inexpensive way to introduce fitness therapy and eliminate the costly “Sitting Disease.” Fun, efficient and rewards you for getting healthier. Designed with all fitness levels in mind to maximize participation and enthusiasm. People team up to motivate each other and get fit together for a common goal and to win prizes. The Challenges are 8 weeks long and run quarterly. A showcase celebrating the successes of the individuals and teams with presentation of awards and prizes. Perfect way to create a healthy culture of wellness at work and establish peer support vital to long term success. The Fit5 Challenge is the ultimate corporate team building wellness event.

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