The Fit5 Vitality System – Fitroom Express’ training and coaching program.

We want to ensure that all of our members, no matter their level of fitness, have the knowledge and tools needed to succeed with our program. Using our custom equipment, instructional videos, progress tracking software, easy to follow charts and smart phone app, we have you covered in the coaching department. It’s like having a personal coach for less than the cost of a basic gym membership.

Video Instruction

All Fitrooms are equipped with an HD Smart TV and our video library. Members can also view our videos from their smart phones via the Fit5 Vitality App.

Join Pete as he teaches you how to properly and safely execute routines in our instructional series videos. Once you feel confident in your form, switch to our follow along videos. Pete provides further tips and positive reinforcement throughout your routine, to keep you going till the end.

Wall Charts

Every Fitroom suite is equipped with large, illustrated, full color wall charts for every routine. Each chart provides detailed instructions on how to execute each exercise as well as for how long to perform them. You’ll never walk into a Fitroom and have no idea what to do.

Fit5 Handbook

Your simple step-by-step guide on how to make this program work for you. The Fit5 Handbook makes learning the most effective methods of improving fitness and diet easy as well as how to then fit it into your lifestyle. In no time you will see how much easier it was than you previously thought to get fit, eat much healthier, and relieve yourself of existing pain and injury. This handbook acts as a guide as well as journal and accountability tool. For those that like a handheld hard copy version of the program. If you can’t access our digital version of the program, the Fit5 Handbook will keep you on track with this amazing Total Vitality System.

Progress Tracking

Once you have recorded your basic beginning measurements the Daily Vitality Score is the simplest way to track your performance and progress. In a few seconds you can record how you’re doing in each of the Fit5 Fundamentals, the most important aspects of preventive health. By tracking and working on improving our daily requirements for physical activity, hydration, nutrition, sleep and stress management, you will quickly see how these 5 fundamentals tell the story of your health and vitality. Our Daily Vitality Score is a simple and fun way to monitor health every day. Change doesn’t happen overnight but developing consistent healthy habits are key to long term success.

Smartphone App

The Fit5 Vitality App allows you to take fitness therapy on the go. Access our member portal, fill out your Daily Vitality Score, track nutrition, view your progress and more all from your smart phone.

Member Portal

As a member of Fitroom Express, you’ll have access to our workout video library, nutrition planner, activity calendar, challenges, reminders, and progress tracker.

Companies who have an onsite Fitroom are provided with a scheduler. You and your employees are able to schedule sessions throughout the day via smartphone or PC. Share your success with other employees and provide encouragement to your team with your own company community portal.

Online Coaching and Community Portal


View our video workout library

Connect with friends and co-workers

Log and track nutrition

Track overall progress

Schedule fitness sessions