Can using the Fitroom make you smarter?

It is now official, exercising makes you smarter. Well this is something we, in the health and fitness community knew for ever, that exercising was good for every aspect of health, mental as well as physical. Now science is understanding why that is and measuring just how beneficial it can be. In my opinion it has always been a simple equation. Our bodies were not designed to be still and not be exerted, pushed and challenged from time to time. The health of our minds has always been inextricable linked and now science is understanding the links better.

It really comes down to increased oxygen intake, improved circulation and the body’s amazing ability to create new cells and nerves in the brain. Unfortunately so many people do not get nearly enough exercise to stimulate these physical responses and capabilities and often when they do, they may not be exercising in a beneficial enough way to make a difference. Our lifestyles don’t help either. We all just plain sit too much, move too little. Technology has ensured that exertion is now only a thing of choice by going to the gym and working out, or it is a consequence of manual/physical labor- an occupation that is becoming much less common in the workplace. We work at computers and machines, seldom moving, taking very shallow breaths and often cutting off blood flow and ideal nerve functioning because of our poor postures causing so much tension. This is a vicious cycle that is bad for the brain, bad for our I.Q. and our health in general.

Thanks to doctors studying brain functioning and the disorders associated with it, focus challenges, depression, memory loss and anxiety, they are uncovering clear connections between exercise and brain power. We know that lack of activity leads to poor conditioning and this increases weight gain, memory loss and depression. This can be reversed through corrective exercise and studies have been trying to find what works best. Now it seems its not just any exercise that works this brain building magic and builds the brain just like it does the muscles and circulatory system. Science has found that high intensity interval training, the type of conditioning practiced so efficiently at Fitroom, is the type of exercise most beneficial to the brain and its many functions.

Check out the full article here and even if you really hate working out or feel you don’t have time, you now know the smart way to achieving and maintaining a healthy brain. As you have seen from the Fitroom program, we have found a way to incorporate this life changing form of exercise into a 5 minute routine that includes other vital fitness modalities too. It is now quicker and easier to consistently build the body, brain, vitality and immunity you would love to have in just a few well spent minutes each day.

Join me in our my quest to get smarter and stronger no matter what our age might be.

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