Being fit means making the most of life’s opportunities

Happy Monday my Fitroom friends. Here is a little inspiration from across the pond where, over the weekend, one young man used his fitness to not only save a life but forever change the fortunes of his own. Check out this video of a brave Malian immigrant in Paris risk his life to save a child in peril. He went from illegal immigrant sleeping on a floor with dozens of other desperate and hopeful newcomers to meeting the President of France and being awarded a citizenship on the spot.

This just shows you how fitness can afford you opportunities you may not have being out of shape. You could be a hero like Mahmoudou or you can also free yourself from cycle of the illness and chronic injury that so many people fall into once they reach adulthood and start sitting too much and doing too little activity. The message to us humans from the life cycle of nature is to always maintain good health and vitality because opportunity will come knocking but will we be ready to answer to call and achieve new levels of freedom as a result.

Enjoy the brief video here.

Remember in the Fitroom it’s quicker and easier than you think to get fit for life.


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