Are you “Independently Healthy?”

TGIM! It’s Monday again and back in the Fitroom after our inspirational trip to Alaska and pacific northwest. So beautiful and majestic. Now back to saving the world one five minute workout at a time.

Today’s blog is about a new saying that has been resonating with me recently. it is a concept but also a state of well-being that I call “Independently Healthy.” You’ve heard the phrase independently wealthy. This is a state that we all aspire to but how about the desire and belief that you can be independently healthy? This is the health equivalent of having enough wealth to need no support other than what you, yourself provide.

We must ask ourselves, especially as we get older, how much are we dependent on doctors visits, therapists, medications, surgeries, even supplements to maintain our health?
For most people the answer reveals how truly dependent we are on outside factors to keep us upright. The next question I would ask would be, “how much more can you do that is within your power to eliminate some of this dependence? For example, how much better could you sleep or eat, how dehydrated are you on a daily basis and how negative do you find yourself being when it comes to mindset and attitude? When was hte last time you put a complete week in of daily exercise rather that sitting all day at your desk or again on your couch at home?

The point is here that there is so much more we can do to become more health independent and it is a state we should strive for just like we do with our financial goals. Money and our health are the two most important things we must try to manage if we are to be independent. Independence means freedom and there is no greater state we can achieve than that.

So let’s get back on track toward that greater health independence. Our Fit5 Vitality System and Daily Score will help you each day achieve this great dream and state of well-being. Take the time to know what you need and get what you need to be healthy and happy. We all need regular medical check ups and preventive screenings from time to time but the level of healthcare or disease care dependence we currently have across the board is alarming and unsustainable.
One thing is for sure – no-one is going to do it for us. If we want to be more health independent is to keep it as a major goal and strive for it each and every day. We can have the odd off day but overall, the better we take care of ourselves now, the less we will need other people to fix us up later.

Remember at the Fitroom it’s quicker and easier than you think to get and stay healthy.
– Fitness Philosopher

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