Pete’s Story

Although Pete achieved early success in competitive bodybuilding by completely transforming his body, his career was cut short by illness and injury due to unhealthy training techniques. Pete developed an acute gastrointestinal infection that went un-diagnosed for many years, leading to a further deterioration in his health.

With the aid of a talented doctor as well as implementing his own knowledge of corrective exercise and restorative nutrition, Pete returned to optimum health. Pete has made his unique program available to as many people as he can. Pete has always believed that our health lies fundamentally in our own hands.

Having the knowledge, tools and guidance, he knows how lucky he is to overcome his serious health issues. Pete wants to show you how easy it is to become fit and healthy. His mission is to prove the dramatic effect of his Fitness Therapy system, and place it at the foundation of mainstream personal healthcare.

There must be an easier way…

The traditional approach is not working. More of us are suffering from chronic illness and pain than ever before. We understand that it is poor diets and sedentary lifestyles that are the root cause of this unfortunate trend.

Most people are aware that proper nutrition and exercise are two of the most powerful things they can do for their health. However, due to work demands, commuting and caring for our children, many of us are just too tired to do anything else after the work day. Busy lifestyles have left us very little time to properly care for ourselves.


The Fitroom approach…

At Fitroom Express we look at health from the minimum requirement perspective.

What small steps can you take and easily accomplish on a daily basis?

All a person needs to be fit and healthy is consistently maintain the minimum daily requirements of the 5 most important health factors;

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Positive Thinking/Stress Management

Our Fit5 Vitality program teaches you exactly how to achieve these 5 requirements with the least amount of time and effort possible. With easy to follow, effective 5 minute fitness therapy sessions, we’ve made it quicker and easier than you think to be fit and healthy.

Top 10 reasons to put a Fitroom in your office

  1. With science now linking the most common illness and injuries to prolonged sitting, a fitness program at work is now a health and safety necessity
  2. With 5 minute “Fit Breaks” your workforce can get healthy in less time than a smoke break
  3. No special space required (fits in regular sized office <150sq ft)
  4. Fitrooms are intimate and non-intimidating and positioned near workers desks
  5. No showering required, brief high intensity fitness therapy does not induce sweating
  6. Safe and effective specific routines designed for correcting the effects of prolonged sitting
  7. Expert education and coaching from certified trainers ensures lasting success
  8. Measurable results with total participation possible. Detailed reporting on demand
  9. Costs about the same as a gym membership but much more effective
  10. Proven strategy to reduce employee insurance claims and lower health care costs

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