Our Story

The traditional approach is not working. Sedentary workers are getting injured and becoming sicker every day. It’s time to address the epidemic plaguing the workplace due to inactivity and stressed body positions. Traditional gyms and training programs on site that take up too much premium space and valuable time are ineffective and inefficient in this environment. The company paid off-site gym memberships are under utilized but people still need regular therapeutic exercise and better nutrition more now than ever before. FitRoom Express was designed specifically to over come these obstacles by providing personal training to every one in the work place.


Research shows that quick high intense exercise therapy sessions like the ones used at FitRoom have been proven most effective at reversing these metabolic and musculoskeletal conditions. By adding proven regenerative techniques such as yoga, meditation and core training it is amazing how powerful these sessions can be in such a short amount of time. Combined in a specific short sequence of movements and exercise we have created Fitness Therapy. Time is no measure of how effective a fitness therapy session can be. It is in the focus of the participant and the selection and execution of each specific exercise.


Top 10 reasons to put a Fitroom in your office

  1. With science now linking most illness and injury to prolonged sitting a fitness program at work used to be a luxury, now it’s a health and safety necessity
  2. With 5 minute “Fit Breaks” your workforce can get healthy in less time than a smoke break
  3. No special space required (fits in regular sized office <150sq ft)
  4. FitRooms are intimate and non-intimidating and positioned near workers desks
  5. No showering required-proven, brief high intensity fitness therapy does not induce sweating
  6. Safe and effective specific routines designed for correcting the effects of prolonged sitting
  7. Expert education and coaching from certified trainers ensures lasting success
  8. Measurable results with total participation possible. Detailed reporting on demand
  9. Costs about the same as a gym membership but so much more effective
  10. Proven strategy to reduce employee insurance claims and lower health care costs

Our Team

All of our trainers are experienced, specifically trained, certified and insured to ensure a professional and consistent service. Our management team are proven winners in their field. It is so important that each person’s experience is a positive and uplifting one. At FitRoom we only hire trainers who have a track record of success and the personality to make anyone feel motivated, welcome and comfortable.

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