5 simple solutions to being successful in making 2018 your healthiest year yet

First of all Happy New Year to all my Fitroom friends and family. I have a feeling this is going to be a special year for us at Fitroom this year and we want to help you make it one to remember for you as well. We’ve all tried the New Years resolutions thing and like a lot of attempts to change old and often bad habits we come up short and lose more self confidence as a result. Let’s not make that mistake again an set ourselves up for success instead of failure as we have done in the past. There are many simple ways that you can be sure to put yourself in the best position to succeed instead of fail. Here are a few that have worked for me and have formed the cornerstones on the Fit5Vitality program that goes with the Fitroom fitness therapy system.

  1. Get your mind right #1.Rather than setting goals relating to weight or dimensions, focus instead on becoming as healthy and balanced as possible this year. This is your year to overcome your health problems. Sign up for the Fit5Challenge, the first of which begins Feb 5th.
  2. Get your mind right #2. Use morning meditation or even better utilize the Mind/Body Tune Up (contained in the Fit5Vitality program) to combine positive thinking exercises with deep breathing, preferably in the morning each day to solidify your intentions. This really helps I promise.
  3. Get your body right #1. Make sure you have two 5 minute Fitbreaks scheduled into every working day.
  4. Get your body right #2. Make sure to start your day off with maximum nutrition with Vitality Blaster or Living Fuel.
  5. Get your body right #3. Never drink less than 60 ounces water each day. You really need 100 or more if you drink or take medications.

There now that wasn’t too hard was it? Look at the above, nothing major in terms of change and sacrifice, just taking better care of body and mind. Do this day after day, at least for the 5 day working week, and your health problems will slowly go away. Increase the quality and frequency of nutrition, hydration and sleep and speed up the process.

Whatever you do, make sure it is sustainable. This is the most important part. No more yo-yo diets or fad workout plans. This time only victory and finding out what treasures lie waiting for you once you take control of your health.

Remember at the Fitroom, it’s easier than you think to get healthy.

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