300 Seconds of Magic

Hello there my Fitroom friends and I hope you are making the most of your day today. I want to share with you a phenomenon I call “300 seconds of magic”. It’s where you can completely transform your state of mind, body and spirit in just five minutes.

So you are going through your day and you and the day it dragging. You feel sluggish, foggy, unmotivated, physically uncomfortable or in pain and maybe even a little glum. At this point you get up from your seat and you decide to change all that. You drink a large glass of water, you start taking very slow deep breaths. You pick up your Core Staff and begin moving in ways that open up your hunched over posture and get your blood pumping. You remind yourself of the things you are grateful for and a thought that brings you peace and maybe even a smile. You keep your breathing consistent and rhythmic and your movements follow along.

Before you know it your 300 seconds or 5 minutes is up. At this point it would be smart to drink another glass of water and/ or have your second Vitality Blaster of the day, delivering all those powerful natural nutrients to the cells you just woke up. Your energy has returned, your body has released a ton of tension, the problem you were obsessing over has diminished and you may even have found a solution or a way to let it rest in your mind while a solution is found.

This is the magic 300 seconds and it is available to anyone with the idea to periodically reset their minds and bodies and therefore change the course of your day and maybe even your life.

I recommend two of these sessions a day minimum. Take better care of yourselves and the whole world around you will improve, guaranteed.


Pete Chapman – Fit5 Guy

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